blood-stained diary

Sunday, July 02, 2006

wEeEEeh.... there's nothing wr0ng of being iNn0cEnt... honestly.. i prefer being one.. hihi than being so0o0 haha... i mean its another thing wen u almost KNOW EVRYTHING... sumtyms its nice to have sumthing SHOCKING... hihi i mean doing things dat u dont know wat wud be d effect... haha but be in place! hihi still use ur phakin mind!!! haha but sum people are PROUD wen they say "I'M NOT INNOCENT"!?? ahahaha... juz 2 pr0ve n asztig cla?!? haRsHHh... n they know evrything..?? ! tsktsk... sumtyms its not enough that u know it... that u've tried it.. that uv experienced is u learn FROM iT... its nt bad 2 have mistakes!!! its just that LEARN FROM IT!!!

*ugh... sana nmn i've learn na!!! hAaaArSssHh...!

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...diversion 0F m3n! hihi... PROVE ME WR0NG!

aHhHhwwWW sAd 2 say.. that there alot of guysz are juz fooling around... "playing??!?!... is dat ol u F*ckin guysz WantS?!" hihi to0o bAd AhHh... then... m0st of d guys wen u will tell them dis things dat most of them are juz playing.. dat its hard 2 give a TRUST... and hard 2 believe on what they are saying... an answer ul definitely hear fr0m them is "ibahin mo ko.. Hindi aq gnun!!!"
DAMN.. i've heard this million tymsz! durh... can u guys say it in another way nmn... SsSshhheSsshh... can u please PROVE it... d0nt juz f*ckin say it... then "S2PID GIRLS... haha [ive been one them once]!! would probably believe them... actually they will pr0ve it.. ahmmm let me see... 2-4 weeks... then if they think n bumigay kna.. aHhHw p0or YOU! hihi they will stop d thngs dat u are expecting from them... and as i have said... ur "TANGA"... naniwala k nmn.. bumigay k nmn.. hAaaRrshh.. u'l miSz them... ugh!!! WOMEN OF D WORLD WAKE UP!!! haha

TESTED AND PROVEN opinion!!! haha:

1.they will court you c0z ur phakin BEAUTIFUL..PRETTY.. ATTRACTIVE etc.[ harShh.. pang display] psSsshhh... g0 2 hell... bitch!
2.they will get ur attention.. pasikat kng ano mn kulto meron cla.. 0r kng ano mng taLent mapapakita nila.. o kng hndi nmn e kng panu cla magiging santo s paningin muh!
3.they will call u in d 1st week or month... as in almost evryday! juz to pr0ve US that thay are phakin sincere!!! ayt?!?! [but honstly their calling u c0z their bored.]
4.they make u feeL that ur so0o amazing 4 them... but SH*T reality is.. after k nila masagot.. "they will make u feel lyk SH*t kpag ngsAwa n cla...!
5.its easy 4 them 2 rec0ver after a break up... [BEER lng... brkada lng.. or another s2pid CHIQ lyk u...] haha okeii n cla
6.its very hard to differentiate a GUY telling d TRUTH and a GUY telling lLIES![mostly dun s mga expert mngbola]
7.never love a guy that is FAMOUS! a famous pers0n is so0o powerful! haha yup.. honestly! they feel lyk.. s knila ung mundo!!! s0rry s mga natatamaan!
8.and lastly... its BETTER to just PLAY wid THEM! s0o0 that... no regretsz... if anything happens.. [juz know ur limitations] wen 2 stop.. and wen 2 escape! hihi


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Friday, June 30, 2006
...BLOG UPDATED! d TRUE sToRy oF mY sO0O cAlLeD LIFE! haha

hMmMmp... as wat u'v read... i NeEd t0 movE on!! yap... i mean not totally moved on n aq pero... i have to...

guess hu made me realize n i have 2 move on?! haha cia rin!bec0z kchat nia once ung friend q.. he's giving an advice 2 my friend.. w/c is natamaan aq!! c0z its totally rYt e..!!! na lahat ng bagay may limitations.. khit love pa!!! share q s0me of their conversation but not all.. hihi bka may mkabasa.. tsktsk mahirap na! they are talking about d EX of my friend!

him: dami ka pang maka relasyon
him: enjoy mo lang muna
my frnd: whoaw... ikaw ba yn?
him: kung ano nanjan hav fun ka lang
my frnd: hahaha.. cge pow tnx sa advice...
him: pero cyempre dapat tama padin gnagawa mo at may limit lahat
him: ok?
him: advise lang poh
my frnd: ;) yap... pero actuali mas masarap pg ndi tama ung ginagawa hihihi!
him: masarap nga
him: thats true
him: pero at d end ma realize mong mas maganda tama
him: masarap ang mali pero panandalian lang
him: ang tama pang matagalan
him: tama ba ako

*** abay akalain mo s pgkalokoloko nun e may matino rn pla n naiisip... ahihi i juz tot xe n wla e... hmMmm but honestly.. dyan aq nadala e... i mean i get attracted s mga guys n GAGO tp0s may Go0d HEART or lets say may katinuan din pla.. bt d biGgEst mistake n ngwa q is dat.. *I 4GOT NA GAGO nga pla cia! haha
i guess ang dali q bumigay c0z i'm to0 young xe... usually people say n AGE DOESNT matter.... but HELLO.... c0mpared m ang pgiisip ng highscho0l s isang grad or college?! haha cyempre wen ur younger LESS pa ung experinces mo in life e... nde kpa gnun kagaling mghandle..! kaya ngayun... eventhough mer0ng mga guys n its PROVEN n more deserving than him... ewan q.. nawalan aq ng gana.. i mean... after what happened..?!?!? ugh... i know na sobrang bilis ng mga ngyare! as in super bilis... i'm glad n khit papano mabilis dn aq nkamove on.. still hoping.... sana maging friends prin kme... pr0 malabo e.. xe i get irritated wen i see him... haha!!!

*** at d tym xe n we became okeii.. mer0n png isang guy n okeii dn kme.. haha hard 2 explain.. hihi ahmmm BADGIRL E NUH... kinarma! ayun i chose him dan dat guy n mas nauna nmn tlga s knya nd i guess mdyo ms desrving.. kla q xe i'm juz playin prin e.. e un... ahihi pr0 nde nia na-eppreciate ung i chose him dan other guys xe nde nmn nia alam e!! malihim xe aq bout s mga past q... never aq ngkwen2 s knya! kaya ala rn cia alam!

*** stiLl hoping n makagawa nmn aq ng matino!!! haha... pro kalokohan n xe nagagawa q... ung g0al q xe n makalimtan cia.. hayunsz... ngkandaletche letche.. npasama tuloii aq s mga bad pers0ns.. hihi ayun.. e2 DUSA aq ngayun...!!! hAaAy.. still cant believe na nawala ung CONTROL and discipline q! shiT!!!

one thing i'm telling u guysz...
==i kn0w i'm s2pid... i'm juz playin aRound... and never wanted 2 get serious!!!
but once i get sErious TOTOO YUN! =)

===t0 c0mment nga pla.. juz click d time dun s baba ng fluttered by me... then u can put ur c0mments der!

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Thursday, June 29, 2006
...aii phaKiN m0veD 0n!!!!

hAaAaiii...... hahaha so0o0 irritated wid my recent posts.... kainis... KORNY!!! bad bad bad!! haha hAaAaiii... phakin m0ved 0n...!!!! hAaAaaay ... juz enjoying my LIFE ryt n0w! hahaha... hmpPpPpf.... yoko muna ng gnun...!!! f*cksh8!! ahHhHhwww... basta.. go0dgirL muna aq ngayun!!!

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8:26 AM

Monday, June 26, 2006

y did i let all these things to happen... fuLl of ShAmE.. c0z i know its all my fault... its f*ckin bec0z of him... i still cried... i did all these things juz 2 4get bout him.. but still...!!! i'm so0ooo s2pid... i didnt use my f*ckin mind! i d0nt knw y... wats wid him ba?! i didnt care anymore bout knowing wat is RIGHT from WRONG... all i know is i've wanted 2 4get evrything... and i told 2 myself dat i'l d0 EVRYTHING juz 2 erase him on my shithead... and f*ck... my life juz turned extraordinary... i'm so0o bad.. not using my mind... its nt d JENNY dat they used 2 know... i'm TOTALLY CHANGING... but d bad news.. is i'm changing into my bad side... i never expected dat i wud be this jerk... a total jerk...

y did i let him ruined my life?!?! evrything i've done is a big mess... so0o useless.. nothing's right anymore... how can i d0 all those things right again?!
i'm so0o MAD... so0o0 gUiLty... i'm sick and tired of crying... my eg0 has left me behind... many things has changed... many oppurtunities i've wasted... and f*ck... ang dami nawala skin... juz bec0z of u... and s in evrything n nawala skin... sh*t hindi nmn KITA nakuha pabalik e... i'l be h0nest i WANT u BACK!!! eventhough ur not worth it... i still d0 miSz you!!!

so0o0 AFRAID... to d0 all those mistakes again.. so0o0 TIRED... really really TIRED!

...............still cryin!!!!!! wen will this TEARS stop fallen.... !??!?!

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3:32 AM

Wednesday, June 21, 2006
***my precious TEARS!!! hhaahaha

hmMmmp... stiLl miSsing that cErtain thing.. pers0n.. moment.. haAaaay ["sabi nga ni coco!!] WAT TO DO?!? haha it just pAss by.. like juz aLl those blog hoppers... that are tagging on my tagboard.. haha stiLl d0nt knw if it will c0me back or visit again.. ex links?! like juz exchanging memories or moments... haha... and it will be there 4ever... .. hihihi but atleast it became a part of dis f*ckin life of mine!!!... i alwayS tried being strong enough.. being tough.. pretending i'm fine.. keepng all those TEARS inside me.... ahaha but wat do again?! hikhik.. jenny EXPLODE na e.. haha... sh*t!!! not worth it.. haha... know y i'm feeling so0o stupid?!?! c0z aLl th0se fuckin TEARS are not even worth it!!! haha o0oHhh dEr i admit it!! i CRIED!! haha really really cried.. 4 sum1 nt worth it... so0o stupid tlga... so0o mad... mad 2 myself... but one thing i'l PROMISE 2 myself... no one wud hurt me again... i'l never play wid fire again... hihihi now.. i d0nt d fuckin care anymore... ahahhaha...

many of my friends told me that my precious tears are not even worth it 4 somthng lyk dat... hhihihi i know... but i told them... u knw y i'm cryin so0o hard?!?! c0z i know its not worth it... kya mas masakit.. ahahaha so0o s2pid tlga?!?!!!!!!

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

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Monday, June 19, 2006

most people pretend c0z they dont want t0 show their REAL FEELINGS... their REAL emotions! usually its bec0z of... its unusual 4 d people around them kpag ders sumthing change... i mean... wen ur known as KALOG... FUNNY.. aLways laughin lng... then suddenly u'l be sad.. quiet... prang ders sumthing wrong.. ayt?! i hate people askin me if i'm ok well infact its obvious that i'm not... dba?!?!! it really irritates me..! wen tears start 2 fall... i mean... wen i started 2 cry... stop askin me if i'm ok... just leave me alone... then talk 2 me.. kpag ok n q.. c0z i will stop cryin wen i'm ok... wen all the hurts inside me just left me behind.. ahaha i mean.. its fyn wid me if u'l ask me 2 cry on ur shoulders... if u wud ask me that u wud probably listen 2 my problems.. but when i say i'm ok.. just leave me... c0z i need myself 2 think on my own... to have my own decision... 2 atleast realize evry wr0ng decision i've done... c0z u'l never learn fr0m it wen ur not d one hu realize it... haaAaaaaaYyYszzz hmmmm paranoid again... f*ck f*ck f*ck!!! gGgGggggRRRrrRrHHh!!!

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